Buying meat in Israel for us means taking a cheat sheet to the supermarket. Why? First of all, the cuts are not what we were used to back in the USA. Second, meat here comes by number. You need a cheat sheet to know what cut that number is. Additionally, organ meat is not only common here, but also comes with its own list of names.

Here is a quick guide. Oh, and good luck!

Lashon Tongue Organ Braising, long cooking

Caved Liver Organ flame broiled

Kivah Tripe Organ stew, soup

Moch Brains Organ Saute, fry, braise

Shkeidim Sweetbreads Organ Saute, fry

Rayot Lungs Organ Braising, long cooking

Kalayot Kidneys Organ Braising, long cooking

Ma’ayim Intestines Organ Stuffing, sausage making

Lavlav Pancreas Organ Saute, fry

Ashchim Testicles Organ Saute, fry

Sarefet Hanger Steak Muscle grill, stovetop

Lechi Bakar Beef Cheeks Muscle Curing, stovetop, braising

Zanav Shor Oxtail Muscle braising, soup

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