They are certified Kosher Mehadrin Parve by the Bedatz KF Rav Yisrael Lichtenstein of London and approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. They are being produced, though, in the Czech Republic at a Wriggly’s plant over there and then imported to Israel. Essentially, it appears that they were re-certified Kosher by the Beis Din in London and these Skittles are now making their way to Israel. Right now, they are definitely being sold at all Super-Pharms, but they may be making their way to other stores as well.

This Hechsher is the same exact Hechsher as that really good popular Wriggly’s gum sold Israel and other kosher establishments (called names like Cobalt, Pulse etc.)

They also come in TWO FLAVORS: the regular kind and the Crazy Sours flavor! How cool is that?
We can only hope they become available here, too, so that we can also taste the rainbow!!

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