Strange, init? Outside of the Failed Messiah blog and some general newspapers, there has been precious little written about VIP foods. We are not conspiracy nuts, but we are starting to wonder if there is a conspiracy of silence going on.

Where are all the Jewish media? How can it be that no one seems to have picked up this story? And, once again, we ask: Where is the OU?

We have not received an alert from the OU nor an explanation of the failure of their rabbi(s) to do anything about the mouse/rat infestation at VIP foods that resulted in the Government seizing more than One Million Dollars of their food stock.

If the OU rabbi(s) did try to correct the problem there, shouldn’t we know that? Frankly, we are starting to wonder what else the OU rabbis overlook?

Yet again, consumers are left out in the cold. In the meantime, we urge you- if you have Kojel products, take them back to the store for a refund.

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