We bought a bottle of new Coke Zero to enjoy over Shabbat. We brought it home and eagerly anticipated enjoying it….

Before we go on, we probably should mention that we like Diet Coke. We like the taste of it. We drink a lot of it, in fact.

We grew up drinking Tab. With Tab, either you loved it or you hated it. Ummmm, we hated it. Especially the weird after taste it left in the mouth.

We have not had Tab in a gazillion years. Yet, the minute we tasted new Coke Zero, our taste bud memories let out a Klaxon horn signal. We did a Robby the Robot routine (Warning Will Robinson, Warning!) and made more Klaxon sounds. The really weird part about that is that we were alone in the house at the time, so the entertainment value of our routine was wasted only on ourself.)

We could be wrong- our taste bud memories may be faulty. But, it sure did taste the same way we remember Tab tasted. So, if we are correct new Coke Zero is old Tab rebottled. Nisht unserer taam. We will stick with Diet Coke!

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