Jack’s Gourmet did it again! Our favorite sausage company, and now purveyors of FACON, makes Italian style spicy salami.

Bottom line? A Kosher Nexus Five Fork award winner!

We have not had an Italian style salami for a very long time. You can buy a pale imitation in Israel, but it is not very good.

This one was unbelievable! Just the right amount of spices. Incredible taste. Makes an amazing hero, hoagie, sub, whatever. Frankly, we were so busy eating it as we sliced it that we had to stop so we would have enough left for our dinner!! This is real Italian salami. No bland regular, kosher salami. This one will blow you away!

Stupidly, we only bought one. We should have bought at least six or seven! Run to the store and grab some quickly before we get there and empty the shelf!!

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