Occasionally, here at the offices of the UTJ and in particular over in the Kosher Nexus wing of Earth Central (as call our suite of offices), we get mail. Sometimes the mail is funny, sometimes angry, and sometimes the mail brings a good question or two. Here are some of the questions we got:

I found a dairy spoon in the meat drawer. What do I do? Answer: Put it back in the meat drawer. It is fine to use the piece of silverware immediately upon transfer. (Rema on Yoreh Deah 95:3)

My well meaning friend insists that it is wrong to put meat and dairy on the same shelf of the refrigerator. Is that so? Answer: Nope. Not so. The issue actually is what is under each item. Make sure that your milk does not leak into an open pot of stew below it! (Bet Yosef on YD 88:1).

I like to taste as I cook. The problem is that I often cook very early in the morning, and I do not want to be “fleishiq” in the morning. If I taste without swallowing, is it true that I will not become “fleishiq?” Answer: Nope, not true. Once the food enters your mouth, you are what the food is, and you have to follow your communal custom on how long to wait. We suggest that you smell the food instead of tasting it. Or, better yet, cook after dinner and then it won’t matter if you become fleishiq. (Bet Yosef on YD 89:1)

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