Let’s cut to the chase- it’s OU kosher!

So there we were visiting an elderly Jewish relative. We brought a lot of food with us, but our host made pancakes to go along with all the rest of the Sunday morning feast. We asked if she had any syrup.

Out of the cabinet near the sink came a bag of stuff. Inside there were a gazillion packets of salt, pepper, sugar, sweetener, ketchup, mustard, mayo and other assorted condiments and goodies. After much looking, we found many little cups with the above mentioned syrup. We did a double take.

Yes, it was OU certified. The second line of the cuplet was the give away: artificially flavored syrup. But who cared? Not us!

Yeah, ok- so it was artificial. So what! It promised a taste of the forbidden! So what if we had no clue if it was “real” tasting or not.

Verdict? We liked it. We really, really liked it. Even Mikee liked it!

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