Let us begin by saying that one of the reasons we generally do not eat out in Manhattan is that we find that the prices are skyscraper high. Why pay for the place’s rent, when you can get food that is just as good if not better elsewhere? A favorite case in point would be Le Bistro in Great Neck. We love that exquisite place- the food and the decor are both top notch without Manhattan prices.

We thought we had paid an exhorbitant amount of money for a side dish of spinach at Prime Grill when we paid $8. This week, however, we got treated to Manhattan prices in Teaneck, of all places.

We should add that Teaneck is not a cheap place to shop or eat out. Prices there tend to be high. BUT:

One member of our office staff went out to lunch at Shelly’s Restaurant- a place usually noted for its good food and moderate prices. At the meal’s end, she ordered an egg salad sandwich on a bagel to go for someone in the office.

She came back to the office with a big bag that contained a big covered tin. In the tin were the sandwich, two slices of tomato, two slices of purple onion and a leaf of mangy looking lettuce. The price for this gourmet meal? NINE DOLLARS!!

Nine dollars for egg salad on a bagel? For half that price, the local bagel emporium will make the same sandwich- tomatoes, onion and lettuce included.

Yikes- too much money for a mere sandwich. One shudders to think what feta cheese, spices, tomato and onion on a really good focaccia would have been?!

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