We have to admit- we really like potato chips. We think potato chips should be a part of the Government’s food pyramid! A good chip is a taste bud treat, something to be savored and enjoyed. The trouble is that when we were kids, our mom only brought home the cheap, store brand chips. She insisted that “they are just as good as the name brand chips that cost so much more.” Nope, she was way wrong!

Unfortunately, we had to grow up and learn about really good potato chips out on the streets, far away from parental mishegoss.

So, let us tell you about a really fine chip company that sells around here.

Kettle Brand Chips are really good chips. In particular, two of their new flavors really found a proud place on our table.

The Spicy Thai is just that. The chip does not knock you out with fire. Instead, it has a really nice back door that kind of sneaks up on you. It is subtle rather than a sledgehammer on the toe!

The other new chip is Cheddar Beer. That is one super chip. Of course, it is dairy, but, hey, so what? Match it up with a cold Heiny and voila- a regular party!

Certification is Kof-K. We give these chips a Kosher Nexus Five Fork award!

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