We all know that George Washington Carver did all sorts of wonderful things with peanuts. Most of us had to learn the words to Eating Goober Peas when we were in grade school. And, unless you are allergic, chances are, you eat peanuts.

But could you name the top four American peanuts?

RUNNERS are the most common peanut we eat in the USA. They account for about 80% of US production. Runners are primarily grown in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. Most peanut butters used Runners.

SPANISH peanuts grow mostly in Texas and Oklahoma. Only about 4% of the US crop is Spanish peanuts. Spanish peanuts have the highest level of oil of any peanut. Most commonly, these peanuts are used in peanut candies.

VALENCIA (and you thought Valencias were only oranges!) These are the long peanut shells that contain three to five nuts. Valencias are sweet, and down South they are often boiled and served hot and wet. Valencias account for only about 1% of the US crop.

VIRGINIA peanuts are the large, “gourmet” peanuts we all love. Virginias account for about 15% of the US crop and grow in Virginia, North Carolina and Texas. These large peanuts go best with beer and either baseball or football!

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