5 Rachel Imenu, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6500106
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin

This little restaurant is a bit of a throwback to an earlier era, one of the “Mother Earth” period. It is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. They are gluten free and only use natural and organic ingredients. They honor different levels of vegetarianism by offering foods both with and without eggs or dairy.

The salad bar is amazing. You choose what you want and pay based on weight. Our lunch partner took the salad. We opted for the tofu burger. It was adequate. Actually, were it not for the very thin and light tasting tomato sauce served as a dipping sauce, it would have otherwise been fairly tasteless. The sesame seeds on the “burger” were also a nice touch.

Would we go again? Probably not. Not that it was bad, just that it did not do much for our taste buds. The service was excellent and the prices were moderate. It just was more “meh” than anything else.

What’s meh? Not good, not bad, just meh.

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