On the Cross Bronx Expressway, there is a HUGE billboard promoting House Foods brand tofu. On the billboard, they gave the address: We looked it up and found that they make a whole lot of OU kosher tofu.

They offer tofu in firmnesses of number one to number five. They offer organic tofu. They offer grilled tofu, cubed tofu and garlic and pepper tofu. They also sell tofu cutlets.

Tofu Shirataki comes in four different styles of pasta. What is it? It is yam noodles with tofu added.

Tofu is very healthy and has almost no carbs! It also has almost no taste, so it is up to you to give it some flavor.

The company also offers Asian Wraps (KSA certification) in different sizes. These, however, are heavy in the carb department.

So, if you enjoy tofu from time to time, check out the web site and order on line.

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