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Although we had cooked up a storm prior to yom tov, we shared some meals with some people who seemed to have single handedly supported the brand new, glatt kosher take-out store: A and A GOURMET, here in Queens. All in all, we were very, very pleased with everything we tasted.

For starters, the gefilte fish they sell is sweet fish, just the way we like it, In fact, one of the people at the table said that he would go back to eating gefilte fish if they would only get the fish from A and A. It was that good!

They offer about seven or eight different kugels in the store. We tried the sweet potato kugel, the potato kugel and the sweet lukshen (noodle) kugel. As we said before, the potato was light and excellent. The noodle kugel was stupendous. The sweet potato kugel was also very good, but not our fave. We did justice, however, to the noddle kugel.

One of our friends at the table said that she and her husband love the three bean salad. I cast a vote for the sweet and sour zucchini salad. Someone else voted for the sugar free cole slaw.

The fish filets were delectable. The chopped liver was totally to die for. The Soutern Fried chicken was soft, tender, and not dried out. It was a taste bud delight.

The cold cuts were all excellent, too. All in all, as we said, our friends seem to have single handedly supported the store, and we sure were glad they invited us over!

If you are in Queens, make sure to check it out. The store is on Union Tpk at 188 Street. If you do not live in Queens- hey, it’s worth the trip! Why pay Manhattan prices, or even Teaneck prices for that matter, when you can find parking and shop in Queens?

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