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The other day in shul, after morning minyan, one of the regulars asked each of us what we were going to eat for the break fast.

He began by telling us his menu. The rest of us were totally taken aback as he listed brisket, kugel, tzimmes, and all the rest of the hallmarks of a standard Ashkenasi holiday feast.

When we were kids, we often broke the fast with a meat meal, but, quite frankly, we have not had a break fast with meat for more than fortyfive years! (Ok, ok, skip the old man jokes!)

In fact, we always feel sorry for the person who waits too long to go to the appy store for lox, whitefish, bagels, and all the essentials for a typical NYC break fast which would also include tuna, egg salad, green salad, a dairy kugel, lots of coffee, a quiche or two, pickled lox, three kinds of herring, and really good (ie, dairy) cake!

Nu, what about you? Do you break fast on meat or dairy? Vote here!!

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