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We remember reading Hints From Heloise every Sunday in the color section of the paper, ie, the comics pages. Stuck in between Dagwood and Blondie, Alley Oop, Beetle Baily and all the rest of the gang were a bunch of really weird helpful hints for making daily living an easier affair.

Our favorites were all the people who found creative uses for empty egg cartons (I use mine to keep my priceless collection of different colored thumb tacks separate…. ) and bubble wrap.

Well, Heloise no longer writes her hints- her daughter took over a long time ago. But, COOKS MAGAZINE has turned the same idea into a two page filler for each issue of their very upscale magazine. Oh, they don’t call it Hints from Heloise, but it is the same idea.

Come- take a look with us!

To mute the loud roar of your coffee grinder, put an oven mitt over the grinder.

Grill buns inside by placing your hot dog buns across the top of the toaster!

Use a vise grip, also known as a curved jaw locking plier, to crack really hard nuts.

Do you fret over cold gravy at the dinner table? Well, fret no more: put the gravy in a coffee carafe to keep it warm and easy to pour.

Gotta transport stuffed mushrooms to your next shul lady pot luck social? Put those suckers in a mini muffin tin, one ‘shroom per muffin cup. Voila!

We could go on, but you get the idea. Don’t get us wrong- all of the ideas are good ideas. But we don’t buy Cook’s magazine for the same thing we can get in the local paper. And in color, no less.

Here’s one idea we guarantee will never appear in Cook’s: Stuff your Thanksgiving day turkey with popcorn. When the door of the oven blows off, the turkey is done!

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