Hershey’s Chocolate has been real busy of late. In addition to some acquisitions, they have also begun a series of additions to the venerable Kisses line of wrapped chocolate treats.

This month, Hershey introduced peanut butter-filled Kisses. Limited-edition cherry cordial creme-filled Kisses will be introduced before the end of the year, and coconut creme-filled Kisses will debut in the first quarter of 2006.

In a few weeks, Hershey will begin shipping Kissables. Those are single-serve packages of candy-coated mini-Kisses that will be marketed in convenience stores.

Other new products are a Reese’s caramel-filled peanut butter cup that will be introduced next month and single-serve sweet and salty nuts targeted for December.

We do not have word as to the kosher status of any of the products just yet. So, take our advice: when you see them in stores, first look to see if they have the OU (like the rest of their products) or not.

We sure hope they will be kosher!

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