As we were reading the NY Times, a pamphlet fell out. Turning it over, we read:OUR PASSOVER MENU 2006.

Inside, it had the most incredible items: Cauliflower Leek Kugel and Braised baby artichokes just to name two. Then we noticed the price on the brisket: $12.99 per pound.

Bells and sirens went off in our head! Wait, it can’t be kosher- not at that price!

Sure enough, the bottom of the front page had this warning:
Items in this menu are not kosher, nor kosher for Passover, except where specifically noted.

Yikes! Whole Foods puts out a menu called OUR PASSOVER MENU and it’s NOT kosher!

Shoppers beware of what you buy! Make sure that your Passover purchases are indeed kosher for Passover!

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