Soy milk contains kitniyos and possibly chometz and, under normal circumstances, may not be consumed on Pesach. The following soy milk
products are chometz-free and may be consumed by someone who is allowed to eat kitniyos (e.g. one who is ill). It is recommended that those
who require these products ideally purchase them before Pesach:
Soy Dream Original Soy Milk Unenriched (OU)
Vitasoy (San Sui) Original Natural Soymilk (OU)
[No extra vitamins added]
ZenSoy Refrigerated Half Gallon (OU)
Almond Breeze Almond Soy Milk (OU)
Organic Vanilla, Organic Plain Unfl avored
Organic Chocolate
LACTAID caplets may contain chometz and may not be used on Pesach. Lactaid Milk may be used on Pesach if purchased before Pesach. This
product is not Cholov Yisroel.

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