From time to time, we have posted articles about tea. Well, here’s another one!

Here is more stuff for you to learn about tea. Study hard- there’s a quiz on Thursday!

Tea and Caffeine: The longer the tea leaves have fermented, the higher the caffeine count. Green tea has one third as much caffeine as black tea. Oolong has half the caffeine of black tea. The longer you brew your tea, the more caffeine you release into it. Finally, tea dust and cut leaf release much more caffeine than does full leaf tea.

What is Chai tea? It is an aromatic spiced tea. Chai contains spices such as ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and cardamon.

Tea and food: Green teas are great with fish, salads, and chicken. Black teas go well with spicy food, heavy food such as beef, and Italian, Spanish or Indian cuisine. Of course, if you are enjoying Kosher Chinese food, try some Oolong, the tea of choice for Chinese food.

Finally, the US Gov’t recently said that drinking green tea has no salutary effect on the heart. Ok. So what, we say! Drink it anyway!

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