When it comes to salt, are you tired of the same old same old? Do you yearn for something glamorous and expensive to put on your table to really wow your guests? Do you stay up nights plotting how you can make your friends and neighbors really plotz at the table? Well, click below and learn about super expensive gourmet salt!

SaltWorks, Inc supplies some pretty amazing salts. And at about an average of $16 for six ounces, these are way upscale salts.

What is gourmet salt you ask? Well, we’ll tell you:

ALAEA salt is a reddish brown salt
MEDITERRANEAN salt is sort of an off white salt (for your Christian friends you can say it is the salt where Jesus walked. For your Jewish friends you can say it is the salt they used at the first seder.)
BALI SMOKED salt is dark and light mixed together. It looks like broken cinder block.
KALA NAMAK salt is sort of a pink brown salt
FLOWER OF BALI salt looks like grated turnip with pepper flakes in it.
MURRAY RIVER is a lobster red swirled into a grey salt.
CYPRUS FLAKE salt looks like dirty ice.
HIWA KAI is black salt. It looks really cool!
PERUVIAN PINK salt is a swirl of pink and gray.
SALISH SMOKED salt looks like pepper corns before they are ground.
HIMALAYAN salt looks like a hodge podge of pinks, reds, whites and gray mixed together.
VELVET salt is a dark white, very smooth salt. It looks like velvet. All that is missing is Elvis in the middle.
PURE OCEAN salt is what we call Morton’s salt except a heck of a lot more expensive.
SEL GRIS French for gray salt. It is. It looks like it has broccoli mixed in it.
FLEUR DE SEL It doesn’t look like any flower we have ever seen. It looks like dirty sea salt.
FUMEE DE SEL Who smokes salt??? Even in the 60’s we didn’t do that! It looks like gravel.

Call us crazy, but we will stick with plain old salt. It may be boring, but it works.

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