In the Shulchan Aruch, we read about the possibility of cooking chicken in almond milk and the inherent problem of marit ha-ayin (ie, it looks trefe). Needless to say, today with all the pareve stuff out there such as soy milk and ersatz “creamer,” we are used to seeing combinations that earlier generations might have questioned. (Remember when, even at the fanciest, upscale kosher affairs, the pareve creamer was always served in its original container?)

Soy milk has been a favorite of many kosher cooks of late. Well, now there is a new product on the market.

Blue Diamond Natural introduces Almond Breeze Original non dairy milk alternative and Almond Breeze Smooth and Creamy non dairy beverage.

Both are OU pareve. Both are healthy. Both contain only 60 calories per eight ounce serving.

So, what could be bad?

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