Since 1817, seven generations of bakers from Austria and Hungary have been baking these incredible baked goods according to a secret family recipe. Grandpa’s cakes are OU Pareve, Pat Yisrael.

So what does Grandpa offer? How about: Original Cinnamon with California Walnuts, Grandpa and Granny Smith Apple Walnut, Banana Walnut, Chocolate Chip Europa, Wild Blueberry, Outrageous Raspberry Delight, Banana Chocolate Chip. Lemon Poppy, Cappuccino Delight, Mandarin Orange and Mandarin Orange Chocolate Chip. And that, dear readers, is just a partial list!

A good chunk of the above list is also available in lower fat versions. Cakes come in two sizes: eight inch or ten inch. Cakes may be ordered whole, 12 cut or 16 cut.

You can order these babies directly from Grandpa. Call 800.688.9728 Or go on line to

Order a carton and you can keep them in the freezer and never get caught short again! Because they are pareve, they are a perfect Shabbat dessert, too!

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