Years ago, when the Kosher Nexus Newsletter was in its infancy, we wrote about a somewhat unusual product. The product appeared with the Paradise label. Certification was OU, pareve. What was the product? Ham Glaze! In truth, there was nothing wrong with using the product (duh), but the name did give us pause. And probably gave pause to lots of shoppers, too.

We once found a product with a national hashgacha that also struck as odd. While we realize that ham glaze could be used on corned beef, for example, this product struck us as really odd. What was it? Jamaican Pulled Pork sauce. Kosher, pareve.

How about OU kosher Easter Egg candies? Not hard to find at all. Just one problem- Easter is often during Pesach, so we never get a chance to try the candy.

Coca Cola Israel, uses their Happy New Year label (balloons, streamers, etc) on the soda they sell at Rosh Hashanah time. We like their spirit.

Reminds us of a funny story: Supervising a bakery at times can be very funny. A young and very sincere Gentile fellow who worked in the bakery once asked if on Rosh Hashanah, we Jews wait to midnight and then shout: Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah. We managed to keep a straight face, because he really was sincere in wanting to know what the holiday was all about.

Traveling about in Holland, we found some most unusual candy that, thankfully, was not kosher. It was called Ape Snotten. Why??????

Yup, it’s a wild and wacky world out there in Kosher land. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

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