The other day, we were walking in the airport. A young couple approached and offered to share “the good news about” you-know-who. We politely declined. The lady offered us a candy cane and said, “Don’t worry- it’s kosher.

We were so stunned, we took it and walked away. As we walked away, we looked at the wrapper and, sure enough, it was certified kosher.

A day or so later, we were in a kosher bakery that also serves a very large Gentile population, and we noticed that the bakery was selling pre-packaged Christmas cookies. The cookies were certified kosher, dairy, by a prominent, national hashgacha agency.

The bakery, itself under strict kosher supervision, was selling their own trays of festively wrapped holiday cookies- kosher, pareve. Then we noticed- there were two different kinds of trays of cookies. There were trays with cookies with blue and white sprinkles and trays with cookies with green and red sprinkles. Guess which ones were the Chanukah cookies??

As our bubbe would have said: America goniff!

Kosher candy canes- whoda thunk it?

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