We have, in the past, criticized Kashrus Magazine for things we found objectionable. In fairness, it is now time for us to commend them for a superlative investigative effort.

The current issue of KM contains an article about possible treifus endemic in the poultry industry. Industrial agriculture has created a class of super chickens that grow from hatchling to table size in a matter of only a few weeks. As a result, the birds often have legs that can not take the stress of their size, with the result that an internal break renders the chicken treif.

Unfortunately, this has become an epidemic and as KM points out, the whole industry is now taking a long look at the situation and how to correct it.

We urge you to read this most important article in the current issue of Kashrus Magazine.

To our friends over at KM- yashar koach on a job well done!

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