We wrote about this restaurant once before when it was called Hechatzer shel Pini. New name, great food!

Five of us went and had the chef’s tasting menu. At IS 180 ($45) pp it is the best bargain in town. For starters, you get fresh, hot stick rolls. A number of enticing salads are put on the table for your delictation.

Then comes dinner:

Denise Seviche
Salmon Carpaccio
Eggplant Baladi
Lentil Soup
Fried Strips of cod
Baba Ganouche with pomegranates
Denise in an Asian Sauce
Pate with fig jelly (an incredible taste combo)
Beef Carpaccio
Tonsils (sort of like sweet breads- but not exactly)
Lamb neck with fava beans and chubesah (a flower)
Green salad with techina sauce and pomegranates
Butcher’s Cut- the most expensive cut of meat there is, and somewhat hard to get due to the fact that each cow only produces a small amount
Beef Kababs
Entrecote in Maple Sauce

Chocolate lava cake
Pareve ice cream with slivered halvah on top and caramel sauce
Chocolate fudge cake (a thin slice) covered with creamed halvah and slivered halvah

Tea with Nana leaves
All in all, a most amazing meal that we all enjoyed quite fully. Our fave was the entrecote in maple sauce. What an amazing taste combo! We would have never thought of trying those two together.

As we said above, the price is right, the service attentive, the cold water comes with ice and extra servings are available on request.

Truly, a Kosher Nexus Five Fork award winning dinner.

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