McCormick Flavor Forecast 2009 Top 10:

1. Toasted Sesame and Root Beer: An iconic soda is rediscovered for its versatility as a cooking ingredient, paired with the nuttiness of toasted sesame seed.
2. Cayenne and Tart Cherry: The flavors of two superfoods — the heat of cayenne and sweet-sour tang of tart cherry — pack a multilayered punch.
3. Tarragon and Beetroot: This hip pair creates a sensory feast that is anything but predictable.
4. Peppercorn Mélange and Sake: Japan’s notable rice wine finds a new partner in the quintessentially French unison of multicolored peppercorns.
5. Chinese Five Spice and Artisan-cured Pork: Handcrafted artistry merges with a harmonious Asian blend to create an innovative taste sensation.
6. Dill and Avocado Oil: Mild avocado oil finds a partner in clean, minty dill.
7. Rosemary and Fruit Preserves: Fresh-picked fruit flavors fuse with aromatic rosemary for a progressive interpretation of sweet and savory.
8. Garam Masala and Pepitas: A well-matched global combination of an intoxicating spice blend from India and a prized seed popular in Latin America.
9. Mint and Quinoa: Nutritious, whole-grain quinoa is taken to new heights when paired with the exhilarating, cool taste of mint.
10. Smoked Paprika and Agave Nectar: Smoky sweetness from the purity of nature celebrates a union of Spanish and Mexican ingredients.

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