A non kosher pasta sauce company has just announced pasta sauce in a microwavable bag. The product is being touted as saving time and energy. You just pop the bag in the microwave and poof! ninety seconds later you have hot sauce ready to pour over your pasta. Imagine the time savings!! No more dragging out a pot, turning on the stove, heating the sauce, stirring so that it does not boil, etc. No more pots to clean. No more stirring spoon to clean. No mess. No fuss.

The company says that this product will prove to be a boon for time starved parents. Or for impatient kids who just gotta eat right away!

Is this what it has come to? Are we so lazy?

The worst part? The bag is NOT biodegradable! While everyone else goes green, this company goes in the opposite direction!

This is one innovation we hope does not come to the kosher market any time soon!

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