You have to hand it to the authors of Kosher Gram, a publication of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit.

In a section called KITNIYOS DERIVATIVES, they say the following: ” Those who follow the prevalent custom of not using any derivatives of kitniyos (sic) … such as corn oil, corn syrup, dextrose, soybean oil and lecithin, shold be aware that some products with Kosher for Passover certifications do contain one or more of these ingredients.”

Hallelujah!! Finally, a Passover newsletter that does NOT say it is forbidden to eat kitniyot derivatives. It is not prohibited. Plain and simple. Ineed, the prevalent custom is to not allow those products. But the halacha is abundantly clear that we may, indeed, eat them.

No one ever mentions how this new standard was foisted upon the community by the big agencies, but the net result is that almost all commercial cooking for Passover is done with cottonseed oil, a very unhealthy food product. If we went back to using kitniyot derivatives in accordance with all of Jewish sources, we wouldn’t have to use cottonseed oil at all.

But, we do thank the rabbis up there in the Motor City- at least they told the truth.

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