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TreTap Organic Sparkling Tree Water

TreTap Beverages has rolled out a new line of sparkling organic tree water. The shelf-stable line has been certified organic with the USDA by EcoCert, and according to the brand, “gives consumers a choice of healthy and environmentally sustainable beverages.” Newly popular sap drinks typically are canned once a year, during the maple syrup season, and have a shelf life of one year. TreTap’s Organic Tree Water’s shelf life is open-dated. Flavors include Maple, Blueberry, Cucumber and Cranberry, and each has an SRP of $5.99 per four-pack.


  • 2-6g sugar/can
  • 54 antioxidants
  • Kosher certified
  • Locally harvested
  • Natural hydration
  • Best served chilled