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Segev Burger

This one is a Kosher Nexus Five Fork Award Winner!

It is a bit difficult to find this restaurant, but it is worth the effort!  Located in Talpiot (Jerusalem), the restaurant is located in an alley directly across the street from Papagaio (located at Yad Charutzim St Number 5.  As you walk in the alley, it is on your right, with a small circular sign only in Hebrew over the place.

There are a few tables inside the small space.  There are more tables outside.  The place has zero atmosphere, but so what?  It is the burgers that count.  The menu is surprisingly large and consists of the usual fast food burger place fare.

What makes this place different is that the butcher store next door (which they own) is the source of all their meat.  And what meat it is!  The meat is not fatty, and is freshly ground.  The standard burger is a good size.  Served on a great bun, you stand at the counter and watch as they grill your burger to perfection.  While you wait, you choose what toppings you want on your sandwich. We chose lettuce, pickles, and red onions.  We added aioli  (essentially garlic mayo) and ketchup.  Our dining companion added lots of charif (hot, hot, hot).

The onion rings were perfect. The steak fries are large and fried to a hot and crispy perfection. Both come in large portions.

Service is on a metal tray with the onion rings and fries coming in metal holders. Good sized napkins are on each table.  Drinks are the usual colas, teas, waters, and juices. You take your tray to the table of your choice, and you dig in!

This was probably the best burger we have had in Jerusalem.  It was amazing.  Two burgers, two drinks, one onion rings, and one side of fries came to $29.  Will we go back?  For sure!!!