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New Products in Israel

NATURINA   The manufacturer says this is neither butter nor margarine.  It is a pareve butter substitute.   Naturina is made from either olive oil or coconut oil.  Naturina is good for baking, has no transfats, has a neutral taste, and is vegan.  The manufacturer says it is more healthy than margarine.  Kosher pareve


CHOCKETA is a Belgian black and white spread with a milk cream and hazel nut -chocolate cream swirled in one jar. Chocketa contains no food coloring nor any preservatives. The mix is 6.5% nuts and 2.7% cocoa powder.  Sounds yummy to us!! Kosher dairy


MASTER CHEF ITALIAN TOMATO PASTE  AND SAUCE  This is made from 100 percent Italian tomatoes.  It contains no added sugars or preservatives.  Kosher pareve


CARMIT PANINI CRACKERS  Carmit offers five flavors of whole grain crackers, small toasts in three flavors, mini pretzels, mini crackers, and other delightful edibles.  Early reviews say these are winners!