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Torie & Howard Organic Chewie Fruities (Kof-K, Dairy)

Torie & Howard Organic Chewie Fruities

One serving provides daily Vitamin C requirement

New Milford, Conn.-based Torie & Howard has introduced a grab-and-go stick pack of its USDA Organic Chewie Fruities. Each 2.1-ounce pack contains 10 individually wrapped pieces of the fruit-chew candy in three flavors: Tarocco Blood Orange and Wildflower Honey, California Pomegranate and Sweet Freestone Nectarine, and Meyer Lemon and Raspberry. One serving of Torie & Howard Organic Chewie Fruities provides the daily requirement of Vitamin C. The stick pack has an SRP of $1.99, and comes 18 to a display case and 12 cases to a master case.