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“Sacred Cows and Holy Wars”

BY  Kenneth Lasson

The subtitle to the book is   Verities and Vageries in Deciding What’s Kosher and What’s Not  (Carolina Academic Press)


A few days after reading our four part series (They Sold Us A Bill Of Goods), a friend handed us the above mentioned book.  As much as every crime TV show hammers into our head that there is no such thing as a coincidence, the truth is that the book and our article happen to be coincidentally on the same topic.

The book begins with a history of commercial kosher supervision in New York City.  Even back then, corruption was rampant. Battles between the butchers and the shochtim often turned bloody.  People who thought they were keeping kosher were, in fact, often eating trefe, out and out trefe.

Many of the topics we covered in our four part series are covered in much greater detail in the pages of this fine book.

Buy the book, and be enlightened.  Buy the book, and be afraid.  Buy the book, and learn the truth.