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Shabbat Dinner at the Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem

We admit to a bias when it comes to the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem. We also will tell you that that bias is well earned by the hotel. Recently, we had an amazing Friday night, sabbath meal at the hotel along with some friends.

First of all, all of the food was fresh, attractively placed on the buffet tables, colorful, and totally delish!

We happen to love the buffet at the Dan Pan. The salad end of the buffet was a riot of colors and salads. Each salad was a culinary delight. We particularly enjoyed several egg plant salads as well as the other offerings. Also on the salad end of the buffet was a huge ring of what has to be the most delicious chopped liver we have ever had. We were tempted to only eat salads and the chopped liver, but we forced ourselves to try the hot foods,too.

There were two soups: chicken and a creamed vegetable soup. Additions were noodles and croutons.

There was duck breast, Hungarian goulash, French goulash, rice, potatoes, veggies, two different kinds of fish, sliced meat, hummus, and much more than we can remember.

We are not at all sure what the carved meat was, as it was served as a hunk of meat, and we did not recognize the cut, but we have to say that it was tender, tasty, and left a really good taste on the tongue.

The dessert end of the buffet was also quite good, featuring an array of really good looking cakes. We sampled some of them, and found them all to be amazing.

The tables were set with linens. Crystal ware adorned each place setting.

All in all, we were reminded why we used to love staying at that hotel so much. Dining at the Dan Pan is a five star experience.