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Kampai Street Wok (Jerusalem)

We have been to Kampai Street Wok more times than we can remember. The last few times we went (Dec, Jan, Feb), we were somewhat disappointed in the food. The portions had shrunk, and the taste was not as good as it had been.

We were there on May 1, 2017, once again. We had a most amazing meal. Whatever was wrong has been fixed, and fixed well. The portions are back to their original size. The taste was supremely good. Cook time was fairly quick.

We were two people. We shared the wings as an appetizer. They were crispy, not too spicy, and wonderful to eat. The sesame seeds on the wings were a nice addition.

We each had a main course, and the food was excellent. It was tasty, quite fresh, and very good.

We are glad we went back! The restaurant is well lit, the place is clean. The bathroom is clean and sanitary. You go to the counter and order your food. They call you when it is ready, and you take it to your table. I don’t think we waited more than ten minutes.

We never stopped going, and for sure we will continue to go back again and again.