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Eight (Restaurant in Jerusalem)

Let us begin by saying we were very underwhelmed by the restaurant. Tables are cramped into a small space. Chairs do not have backs, so do not lean back! The service is quite slow, even when the place is not busy.

We will say the regular burger is tasty. However, the bun and even the tomato are much bigger than the incredibly thin patty which is woefully under garnished. If you order the ground meat bits on your bun, you get barely enough to qualify for an appetizer.

Our burger came with a hard slice of tomato that was lacking in taste and texture. The lettuce was wilted. The bun was tasty, but too big for the burger. As the burgers are so small, we ordered two and put them together on one bun.

The fries were over salted, and the onion rings were uninspiring.

The best we can say is that it was MEH at best.

Visited March 2017