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Pompidou moved from its former, cramped quarters into a much, much larger space. Located at 27 Emek Refaim, in the German Colony (Jerusalem), they are in the space where Lucianna (and before them Norman’s Burgers) used to be. The set up is essentially the same with few changes.

Pompidou is a dairy restaurant. We went during the 9 Days. We were a party of five. We had a reservation. All five of us arrived on time, only to be told that we had no reservation. We looked at the reservation book, and, sure enough, there we were. Oops. They found a table for us.

It must be a leftover curse from Luciana was there, because the service was horrible. The waitress was very helpful, and we all ordered. That is when the place took a huge fall.

From the time we ordered, no food came for thirty minutes. Two people had the onion soup appetizer, and one of us had the halumi (cheese) salad. One of us ordered a huge dinner salad, two of us had fish and chips, and two of us had pasta dishes.

The first food to arrive was the simultaneous delivery of both the halumi salad and the pasta dish at the same time for one person. No big deal you say? One of them was supposed to be an appetizer. We sent the salad back for later. The other pasta dish came second. One order of fish and chips came next. Then came the soups. Finally, the second fish and chips dish came. The halumi salad came after the pasta was finished. From the time the pasta was done until the salad came back to the table was 12 minutes.

The fish and chips consisted of three thin strips of fish, very over fried and, therefore, tough. There were, however, lots and lots of chips. The onion soup looked like vaguely colored water with onion slices floating in it. Both people who had the soup said it was watery and bland. Both people who had the fish and chips complained that the fish was tough and over cooked, and not very tasty. Both pasta dishes were met with happiness, as was the halumi salad once it finally made its way back to the table.

We asked for water and separate ice, lots of ice. For five people they gave us a few ice cubes and a ONE LITER bottle of tap water, not even filtered water. Ok, we get it- they don’t make money on water.

Not once did anyone ask if we were satisfied with our meal. Perhaps because the place was packed, the kitchen was overwhelmed. Who knows?

When we asked for the bill, we got it in less than two minutes.

Bottom line? It was merely MEH! Cross Pompidou off our restaurant list. Too bad.