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The following is a list of pet foods approved for Passover 2016 when produced in the U.S. Products with identical

names from foreign countries may have different formulations, thus compromising their Passover status. Since formulas are subject to change, make sure to check all labels. There should be no chometz listed. A product listing both meat and dairy ingredients may not be used any time during the year. (See “Feeding Your Pet: Barking Up the Right Tree” at


Before Grain (dry): Chicken, Salmon.

Blue Wilderness Grain Free (dry): Adult (Indoor, Weight Control, Duck, Salmon, Trout, Red Meat, Rabbit), Kitten


Evanger’s: When bearing cRc Passover approval.

Friskies (canned): Classic Paté Classic Seafood Entrée, Classic Paté Salmon Dinner, Classic Paté Country Style

Dinner, Classic Paté Chicken and Tuna Dinner, Classic Paté Mariners Catch

Merrick Grain Free (canned): 96% Real Chicken, 96% Real Duck, 96% Real Texas Beef.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free (dry): Adult (Healthy Weight, Real Salmon, Real Chicken), Healthy Senior

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free (canned): Salmon Paté, Tuna Paté, Chicken Casserole, Chicken Divan

Prescription Diet: a/d, d/d except duck, g/d dry only, m/d canned only, r/d, s/d, t/d, zd.

Wellness Core Grain-Free (dry): Original, Kitten, Turkey & Turkey Meal & Duck, Indoor

Wellness Core Grain-Free (canned): Kitten Formula, Whitefish & Salmon & Herring, Indoor


Alpo Chop House Originals (canned): Filet Mignon Flavor, Roasted Chicken Flavor, Roasted Chicken & T-bone,

T-bone & Ribeye Steak Flavor, Top Sirloin Flavor

Blue Freedom Grain Free (dry): Adult (Lamb, Chicken), Puppy, Small Breed, Small Breed Puppy

Blue Freedom Grain Free (canned): Chicken Recipe (Small Breed, Puppies), Grillers (Hearty Beef, Hearty Lamb)

Blue Wilderness Grain Free (dry): Adult Chicken Recipe, Small Breed Adult Chicken Recipe, Adult Salmon Recipe,

Adult Duck Recipe, Puppy Chicken Recipe, Senior Chicken Recipe, Healthy Weight Chicken Recipe

Blue Wilderness Grain Free (canned): Salmon & Chicken Grill, Turkey & Chicken Grill, Duck & Chicken Grill

Evangers: When bearing cRc Passover approval.

Hills Ideal Balance Grain Free (dry): Adult Natural Chicken & Potato, Adult Natural Salmon & Potato

Mighty Dog: (canned no gravy): Chicken Egg & Bacon Country Platter,

Chicken & Smoked Bacon Combo, Hearty Beef Dinner, With Lamb and Rice.

Prescription Diet: a/d, d/d, g/d, h/d, j/d dry only, n/d, r/d, s/d, t/d, u/d.

Science Diet Grain Free (canned): Adult (Beef, Chicken & Vegtable Entrée)

Wellness Core Grain Free (dry): Original, Reduced Fat, Ocean, Small Breed.

Wellness Core Grain Free (canned): Puppy, Turkey & Chicken Liver & Turkey Liver, Salmon & Whitefish & Herring,

Beef & Venison & Lamb.

Wellness Grain Free Ninety Five Percent (canned): Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey



Fish food and vacation blocks often contain chometz. Tetra Tropical Slow Release Gel Feeders (Tetra Weekend 5

days, and Tetra Vacation 14 days) are acceptable. Goldfish and Tropical fish can be given tubular worms, frozen brine

shrimp, and freeze dried worms (if they do not contain fillers).


(Parrots, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Macaws)

STAR-K expresses appreciation to Dr. Aaron Weissberg for his help in preparing the following guidelines

Millet and sorghum as main diet.

Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and safflower seeds can be given.

Larger birds such as parrots can eat pure alfalfa pellets (make sure it is pure alfalfa since it is common to add grains)

or dry dog food (see above for list).

Smaller birds can also have pure alfalfa pellets; crush before feeding.

Can supplement with cottage cheese, rice cakes (birds like to eat these), small pieces of lean meat, matza, berries,

eggs, canned baby fruits. All large food should be shredded before serving. These items should be given sparingly.

For minerals, can have oyster shells (calcium) or mineral block.

The greater the variety, the better.


Best to feed pure alfalfa pellets. Make sure it is pure alfalfa since it is common to add grains. Dried alfalfa may

also be given.

Can supplement with mixture of cut up fruits and vegetables – carrots, broccoli, apples, melon, kale, parsley,

oranges, celery, dry corn, sunflower seeds, cabbage. Can also give some matza. If not accustomed to these items,

give sparingly.

Guinea pigs especially will benefit from kale, parsley and oranges.

Hamsters especially will benefit from apples.

Guinea pigs need vitamin C added to diet.

Mixes sold in stores often contain chometz. It is advisable to mix together regular and Pesach food between one to

two weeks prior to Pesach before switching completely to Pesach food. The ratio of regular and Pesach food should be

changed slowly to get the animal used to the new diet. Check with your veterinarian before changing diet.