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Horizontal-Spit Shwarma Joint Opening Multiple Restaurants Across Israel
By YehudahJacobs

Bandora, a new shwarma joint, recently opened on Yafo st. in the heart of Jerusalem, is changing the way we consume shwarma. Bandora isn’t your run-of-the-mill shwarma joint, it’s a chain of kosher shwarma restaurants that are quickly spreading all over Israel, and has finally made it to Jerusalem.

Hummus Bandora
Bandora’s shwarma is very different, because of the cooking method they apply to the meat: it’s cooked over an open fire pit and cooked horizontally on a spit. The flavor is much deeper coming from the smoke of the pit. All of the side dishes are made in-house as well, making it an authentic yet unique shwarma joint.

According to Jpost:

“The place has a vibe closer to that of Chipotle (the hip yet fast tex-mex chain that Americans know well) than the grimey place on the corner hawking this mainstay middle eastern street food.”