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Rabbi Meir Rabi writes:

Dear Friends

You are most likely aware, that for the last ten years or so I have been the consulting Rabbi for the development of a line of very special Ben Pekuah cows and sheep, directing some very astute businessmen and experienced farmers (AK Ben Pekuah Pty Ltd). These animals are unique: they are Kosher without the trouble or the expense of needing to check their lungs, so there is zero risk of hurried or improper checking. They are all Glatt Kosher.

Their hind-quarters may be eaten without the trouble or the expense of removing the forbidden fats nor the sciatic nerve, the Gid HaNasheh, so there is zero risk of incomplete removal of these forbidden components. Please see the attached brochure for a short summary of what a Ben Pekuah animal is, including an historical context and a recent public Teshuva from Rabbi Chaim Kanievski [sic].

Although it will still be several years until we have sufficient quantities for regular commercial sales, we launched the business a couple of weeks ago at the magnificent Vue De Monde (see highlights clip here:

There is a very limited supply of fresh spring lamb available for Rosh Hashana, and you can order a side of lamb at $23.99 per kilo (roughly 8-12kg of meat per boxed pack

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me with a cc to

With Torah Blessings and a sincere Shana Tova for you and your loved ones.

What is a ben pakuach animal? One that has been removed from its mother’s body alive after the mother has been shechted (kosher slaughtered). The last recorded consumption of ben pakuach animals was circa 1,000 years ago by Hai Gaon, the head of the yeshiva in Pumbedita (now Fallujah, Iraq)
This is generating much controversy, but they are on solid halachic ground.