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Kettle Brand’s new flavors — Pepperoncini, Roasted Garlic and Red Curry — will satisfy afternoon salty cravings. The chips are non-GMO products made with natural ingredients, without trans fats, MSG or preservatives, according to the company. Pepperoncini chips have a fresh peppery taste, mild heat and tangy vinegar punch. Roasted Garlic chips have a “roasty-sweet and rich buttery flavor,” with a hint of fresh parsley. Red Curry chips have a “coconutty sweetness” with savory spices, heat from red peppers and a fresh “zing” of tomato and lemongrass. The suggested retail prices are $2.99 per 5-ounce bag, or $3.49 per 8.5-ounce bag. –

Two things to note: They are Kof-K kosher. Second- we will skip the curry! Nothing like a little curry stink to help you lose friends!! : )