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Two of us had a personal guided tour of the Gold’s plant in Long Island. Marc Gold, third generation owner, was our tour guide.

The plant is immense. And very busy. The day we were there, they were doing a Pesach run. The mashgiach, a gentle man and a gentleman, whom we have known for many years, was there as well.

Gold’s makes a tremendous line of condiments, as you know. Of course, they are most famous for their horseradish and borscht. They also make sauces, mustards, and other products.

A word about the production floor: SPOTLESS. We have toured many places, and we have never seen a plant so clean. Seriously. It may be a cliche, but it is true- you could eat off the floors there.

Every worker we met there seemed genuinely happy to be there. Mr Gold greeted each by name, and their smiles upon seeing him were genuine.

We saw a mountain of horseradish roots ready to be turned into the end product we all love so much. Frankly, we were happy to be there on one of those very rare days when they were not making horseradish!!

We love their Duck Sauce, their salsa, their wasabi, and their mustards. While we were there, they showed us some of the other mustards (all kosher, of course) that they make for other companies. Whoa babies! Who knew?

What a coincidence that the family name is Gold, for such is their reputation, and they score a gold medal day after day.