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New Cookies from Frito Lay’s
by Eda Kram (Kosher Today)

When you think of Frito-Lay snacks, you probably think of fan-favorites like Lay’s Tostitos and Doritos or maybe even just “chips” but Frito Lay also carries a line of cookies. Grandma’s Cookies has been making days a little sweeter. In 1980, they welcomed the brand to the Frito-Lay family and it’s been helping them spread joy nationwide ever since. The flavor line-up includes; Frosted Blueberry & White Chocolate Flavored Cookies, Frosted Cinnamon Roll Flavored Cookies, Frosted Lemon Pie Flavored Cookies, Frosted Red Velvet Cookies and Home style Chocolate Brownie Cookies. The cookies are Kosher certified under the Orthodox Union (OU) and Dairy