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Featuring decor that is totally forgettable, this restaurant tries hard to be all things to all people. The amazing part of that is that they succeed.

Sure, there are plenty of Mexican food items on the menu, but there are also Italian dishes and standard Jerusalem dishes.

Two of us went for a late lunch recently. One of us had the entrecote skewers served with thick cut french fries and a lovely bowl of salad. The fries were either way over cooked in the deep fryer,or cooked in old oil, so they brought seasoned mashed potatoes as a replacement.

We had the beef stir fry. It was amazing. It was not noodles and veggies flavored with beef. Nope. Huge chunks of meat, and plenty of them, filled the bowl. The portion was huge- we did not quite finish it.

Service is good without being obtrusive. Portions are good sized. Prices are very moderate. Our two plates, plus one glass of orange juice came to $32(NIS 112).

Do not go for the decor. Just about the only Spanish/Mexican thing about the place is the placement of dozens of bottles of Spanish olive oil all about you. There is also an enclosed garden for dining al fresco.

Bottom line: Would we go again? In a minute!!