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Brooklyn on Rye opens on Kings Highway
Don’t count out the delicatessen just yet. We stopped in to Brooklyn On Rye which recently opened at 543 Kings Highway (off East 4th) as owner Yaron Harazi is bucking the trend of sushi and fusion style restaurants. Yaron has been in the meat and deli business for almost two decades and is excited to be bringing his “Brooklyn on Rye” to the neighborhood. Besides all your deli favorites, they also offer a salad bar, schawarma, schnitzel, burgers and more.

Breadsmith coming to Avenue M in November
In what can only be called a bizarro situation, a food establishment is actually REPLACING a bank on Avenue M.
Breadsmith will be opening at 1817 Avenue M in early November, coincidentally next door to Kaff’s Bakery. “Great Kosher Restaurants” spoke to the owner Chaim Lieff and he is very excited about his place and believes this will revolutionize the bread industry, especially kosher, in New York. Breadsmith, founded in 1993, has over 30 independently owned retail bakeries, with this being the first location in New York. Chaim grew in Minnesota, where there is a kosher Breadsmith (there are others kosher ones, including Chicago) but when he moved to New York 5 years ago he felt there was nothing like this here.
Chaim is quick to point out that this is not a bakery and it will not have birthday cakes.
Breadsmith specializes in handcrafted artisan breads made fresh from scratch using the highest quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. They say their dough is never frozen and their breads are baked in six-ton, stone-hearth ovens imported from Europe (the Brooklyn location is getting their oven from Italy). They also make specialty breads and a wide range of challah, cookies, muffins and sweets. Breadsmith has received accolades for their European-style breads including top honors from Bon App├ętit magazine, Modern Baking, International Culinary Salon, National Restaurant Association and “Best of” awards throughout the country. On their website, they state they are not just another chain store but a neighborhood store. The website goes on to say that they are “focused on being community-based by taking part in local events and causes on a regular basis. We not only sell an affordable luxury, but we also donate our time and products to those who are in need of it. Each location donates day-old bread to shelters and soup kitchens, as well as generous gift certificates and bread orders to assist local fundraisers.”

UPDATE: Izzy’s Smokehouse has been named and is opening next month
The last time we checked in with Sruli Eidelman of Izzy’s BBQ Addiction, he was looking for a name for his not-yet-opened restaurant. Well, he’s got that and a new logo. Sruli tell us he will be up and running for any catering right before Succos and that the official grand opening will probably be right after the holidays. His location will be at 397 Troy Avenue in Crown Heights with seating for about 25-30 people.