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Listed by the Jerusalem Post as Jerusalem’s number one baker, Marzipan is located on the outside of the Machaneh Yehudah shuk at 46 Agrippas St.

They are justifiably famous for their extra gooey chocolate ruggies.

The crusty breads they bake are all excellent. Our faves are the Seven Grain, the Olive, and the Onion. Each bread is crusty on the outside and perfect on the inside.

The other day when we were there, they had baking trays of tiny little pastries. Each was about one inch by about one half inch. Fillings included apple nut, raspberry, chocolate, and lemon creme. OMG! They were soooo good!

In truth, we have never had anything bad from there. For Shavuot they had blintzes that were heavenly. For shabbat, they offer all sorts of regular sized pastries.

Once while we were bagging our pastries, a group of Birthright kids were there with their leaders. The head of the group was dispensing chocolate ruggelach to each of them. We had never heard so much moaning over food. They wanted more. He bought more. They wanted still more, so he bought even more. We left for fear of being trampled!