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NEW YORK — Jay Hill is a seasoned kosher food executive that dates back to his dad’s 999 meat line. A habitual food recipe developer, Jay has come up with what many at the recent Kosherfest called “a big winner.” He has developed and is marketing a new dairy-free (Pareve) Hot Cocoa Mix under the Cuppa J label. Hot chocolate has always seemed to fall into the category of “if it’s not dairy, it’s not worth it.” Jay believes he has changed that notion with Cuppa J.

It is available in 3 unique flavors: Double Dark, Mayan Spice and Mystic Mint. Says Jay: “This product is truly one you need to taste to believe. Just one sip of exotic Mayan Spice or rich Double Dark will convince you that you don’t need milk to make a premium, delicious hot cocoa.”

In addition to being dairy-free, Cuppa J mixes are made with all-natural ingredients, with no expense spared to create the highest quality, best tasting cocoa. “I always wanted an alternative to my morning cuppa joe,” says Mr. Hill. “And as a chocolate lover, I wanted to create a hot chocolate that I can enjoy morning, afternoon and evening after dinner.” Cuppa J is certified OU Kosher and comes in two convenient sizes.