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Haredim Complain IDF Military Prisons Not Kosher Enough For Haredi Draft Dodgers
Shmarya Rosenberg •

The head of the Association for the Welfare of Torani [haredi] Soldiers, Eliyahu Lacks, has reportedly sent a letter to the Office of the State Comptroller complaining that IDF military prisons are not kosher enough for haredim and demanding that the IDF create separate yeshiva prison wings for haredim – or stop arresting haredi draft dodgers altogether.

Lacks also asked that a special monitoring committee be established to oversee the treatment of haredim who are inducted into the military – and to oversee the treatment of those haredim who dodge the draft and are imprisoned, as well.

Lacks reportedly claimed that in the civilian prison system “there is equality” in accommodating Orthodox prisoners while in military prisons there is not. Civilian prisons have a yeshiva wing where many Orthodox prisoners are housed. But, Lacks wrote, the IDF does not have yeshiva wings in its military prisons and is therefore treating haredim unequally.

Lacks also reportedly complained that:

• Alleged constant odor from bathrooms stops haredi military prisoners from praying properly.

• Lack of modesty in military prisons also hampers prayer and study.

• Kashrut of the food is not up to haredi standards.

• Television is obtrusive and widespread.

• Shower facilities are immodest.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office rejected Lacks’ claims and insisted the IDF has investigated the allegations raised in Lacks’ letter and has found them to be without merit or basis in fact. It also noted that the IDF’s Orthodox Rabbinate inspects the IDF military prison system.

The State Comptroller’s Office reportedly responded to Lacks’ letter by saying that it will investigate Lacks’ allegations and withhold any comment on them until that investigation is completed.