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Located on Nome Ave at Richmond Ave on Staten Island and under the Vaad of Staten Island, this is yet another entry into the fast food schnitzel restaurants that popped up in so many places.

The decor is bright and plastic- plastic tables, plastic chairs, plastic silverware, cups, etc.

One of us had schwarma on a plate served with a double portion of Israeli salad. The schwarma was very tasty, but the salad was just a tad too salty for our tastes. Little cups of hummus and techina also came with the plate.

One of us had a single piece of schnitzel on a plate served with lots of pickles (Israeli style pickles) and shredded lettuce. The third of us had the schnitzel plate (three small pieces of chicken), served with fries and salad (still too salty!).

We each had a beverage. Total cost was $30.02. The food was prepared quickly and was tasty. We each enjoyed our food.

After living in Israel for five months, we found the schnitzel good, but not great. Nope. Not great. After all, even the worst schnitzel we have had in Israel was far better. Somehow, in Israel, it just tastes better.

But that is not to denigrate Holy Schnitzel. The food is tasty, the prices moderate, there is no ambiance (it is, after all, a fast food joint), and the Latino worker speaks a passable ten or twenty Hebrew words! All in all, not bad!